Chris James is an up and coming musician who currently lives in Southwest Michigan.  Chris is experienced in a wide variety of instruments ranging from piano and percussion, to brass and voice. Chris started playing music at a young age, learning to play the piano around the age of 6. In middle school Chris began playing the Baritone in the school band but then transitioned and learn to play percussion as well. In high school Chris was heavily involved with all types of music events. From marching band and choir to performing in different percussion ensembles, musicals, and Jazz ensembles Chris was heavily influenced by all types of music. In high school Chris grew to have a love for jazz music while performing with the school jazz band as well as a student led group called the Enharmonic's Jazz Band. Currently Chris is currently a student at Lake Michigan College and is studying music performance. Chris is also involved with performances at the college with involvement in the Jazz Band, Concert Band, Gospel Choir, and other musical groups. Chris also plays percussion at local churches and also teaches percussion lessons to students.